Have a 'rock'ing time here

Have a 'rock'ing time here

Amedikallu situated near Shishila can be a complete getaway from the maddening crowd of urbanisation.

A trekkers and nature lover’s paradise with mystic hill, the majestic mountain and the lush greenery, here one can boast of enchanting landscape that can trickle one’s imagination and revive the lost energy.  

Situated near Shishila in Dharmasthala, Amedikallu has been attracting the trekkers. Though it is not a popular peak, Amedikallu is one of Karnataka’s toughest trekking routes. 

Amedikallu is one of the important peaks of Charmadi range. The name ‘Amedikallu’ is derived from words ‘Ame’ which means turtle in Kannada and ‘Dikkel’ means hearth in Tulu. It is a large monolith peak which resembles turtle in the centre with three stones resembling like hearth adjoining it. It is one of the peaks in the circle of mountains that begin with Gadaikallu at Jamalabad and passes on through Kudremukh, Hirimariguppe, Durgadabetta, Barekallu, Mullayyanagiri Ettuna Bhuja ending with Nishani Gudda, which adjoins Amedikallu. One can also get an enchanting view of curvey roads of Charmadi Ghat from the top of the hill. 

As one moves from the foothills of the hill, one will come across Shola Forest, grassland before reaching the peak. The bamboo bushes inside the forest are also attractive. The path is steeper. The grass grown on the route will reach one’s knee. Without the help of a good guide, one is likely to lose the way and end up not reaching the top of the peak, says Vasanth, a frequent trekker.

However, once you are on the top, then it is a blissful view with clear blue sky, lush greenery and cotton like fog moving from all directions. The descent from the peak will be quite steep and a new trekker need to be careful. 

How to reach?  

Amedikallu is accessible from Shishila. To reach Shishila, one will have to alight at Kokkada, which is situated on Bangalore – Dharmasthala highway, and take a local bus from Kokkada.

One can also hire an autorickshaw or jeep. Reaching the peak will take around six hours, provided one doesn’t lose the way. 

To enjoy the trekking to Amedikallu, it would be better to take up the exercise for two days, says Vasanth. Instead of setting up camp on Amedikallu peak, it would be more comfortable if the camp is set up 25 metres below the peak, he suggests. 

As the trekking can make you sweat, it would be better to carry suffiecient fluids to keep away from dehydration. The tiny orchids blooming amidst dry leaves will be a pleasing sight.

Although there are a few streams en route, finding them will require a deviating from your trail that can delay the trekking process. If one does not lose way and trek, then it takes six to seven hours to reach the peak from Shishila side.

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