'Women need to be healthy'

South Delhi has a skewed sex ratio, despite being the poshest district of Delhi, said a spokesperson, Centre for Social Research.

The organisation had organised a health camp for women in Sangam Vihar, south Delhi, the biggest resettlement colony of Delhi. It brought out the importance of a woman’s health and its effect on the community.

Requisite medicines were provided by the Directorate of Health Services for the camp. The camp focused on creating awareness on the significance of women’s good health.

“We get so engrossed in our day-to-day household chores that we often tend to overlook minor diseases which can later prove to be risky. The camp organised by CSR has been beneficial in sensitising us to the need to keep healthy, for ourselves and our families,” said Manju Devi, who came for her check-up.

CSR director Dr Ranjana Kumari said the status of women’s health affects the overall health status of a community.

“It is essential for women to be healthy as they play a very vital role in maintaining the health of their family and the community, “ she said.

The initiative coincided with the World Health Day’s theme this year, i.e. Ageing and Health. The camp also focussed on the health of women at every age.

A healthy woman at an older age will remain resourceful and productive for a long time.

Eight doctors from Fortis La Femme’s different speciality areas conducted check-ups of about 600 women. Most women who came to the camp were from marginalised communities.

“DHS gave us medicines for cold and cough, pain, fever and white-water discharge,” said the spokesperson. These diseases are the common among women.

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