Dedicated to dance

Dedicated to dance


Isha Sharvani, who debuted on the big screen in the 2005 release Kisna, garnered her rave reviews for her dancing skills.

A trained dancer who combines yoga and gymnastics along with a multitude of dance forms, Isha has taken dance to another level and admits that her life is all about dance.

“I started taking formal training in dance when I was 13, which is quite late, considering that my mother is a renowned classical dancer and my father, a musician. Although it was late, I loved dancing. In fact, as a child, I would dance on tables and entertain guests at home. It was only later in life that I realised dance was what I wanted to do all my life. In fact, I tour so much that I hardly have any friends. But, since this is the life I chose, I have no regrets.”

Looking back at her big Bollywood debut, she reminisces, “Subhash Ghai, who wanted a choreographer for his movie Kisna, spotted me when he came to meet my mother and immediately offered me the role. I did a few films after Kisna, but soon realised that my true calling was dance.”

Her last Bollywood appearance was in Zoya Akhtar’s 2009 release, Luck By Chance, after which she has not done many films. “I need something that will challenge me in some way. I still get many offers and I am grateful for them, but since I constantly travel, my shows keep me very busy and am not in a position to accept them.”

She also had to turn down Kamal Hassan’s upcoming film Viswaroopam, as she would be touring for her dance shows. She was also part of the show, Kingdom of Dreams, which she counts as being a very good experience. “I would like to create and be part of shows that people enjoy, and would like them to grow watching culture expressed in a contemporary way. Culture is part of who we are and all of us have personal identities.

Dance and music is what moves me and keeps me invigorated,” she adds.

What sets Isha apart is the dexterity and skill with which she does the most complex of movements, which is commendable for a 26-year-old. She is the lead dancer in the Daksha Sheth Dance Company and a leading aerial dancer in India today. She has trained for over 15 years in kathak, chau, kalaripayattu, yoga, rope and pole mallakhamb which she combines uniquely to give memorable performances across the world.  Quiz her on what she does to keep fit and pat comes the reply, “It’s a lot of hard work. I still practise for at least eight hours every day. I don’t lead a glamorous life at all.

My life is very simple and I choose to live an organic, quiet and disciplined life and I want it this way. I live in Trivandrum in this beautiful dance academy and my dancers are equally passionate and we are a great team and one big family. Also, I have had an unusual upbringing and have trained in different aerial techniques. Since I have learnt several dance forms from as young as seven, it has all become a part of me. When I dance, it all comes out and I enjoy creating the expression of all these things into a beautiful performance.” And yes, her synchronised waltz with Hrithik Roshan in the Parle’s Hide and Seek biscuit advertisement is only a teaser testimony to her fantastic dancing skills.

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