Today's Letters

Today's Letters

The Affidavit Politics


As reported in the media, the Home ministry had filed an affidavit in the Gujarat High Court regarding an ongoing investigation. According to the media reports, the Union Law Ministry is upset about it and also the ruling party. But the moot question is: Can the Law Ministry tamper with the intelligence inputs and doctor the affidavit? If it does, would it not tantamount to hiding the facts and misleading the courts? The Central Government is supposed to aid the courts to arrive at correct decisions by furnishing all the information needed by the courts. Now we seem to have a dangerous trend: Withholding the information from the courts, or perhaps doctoring it to meet some political objective.   

SND Poojary

Political mileage



The Gujarat Metropolitan Magistrate, Mr SP Tamang, has claimed  that the policekilled  Ishrat Jahan and the four men in cold blood and, that the killings were latershown as an ‘encounter’.If indeed Ishrat Jahan and the three men were innocent victims, then the guilty policemen must be brought to justice and given exemplary punishment. What is surprising is the same day Mr Tamang was asked to probe the deaths, the High Court set up a Special Investigation Team,comprising seniorpolice officers, to conduct a similar inquiry. When the SIT is still at its job,  Mr Tamang has completed his report with amazing speed and given it to the media. And the political reaction to Mr Tamang’s claim has been predictable with the Congress seeking to gain political mileage out of it by slyly dragging Mr Modi’s name into the affair.



Uphill task



The Karnataka Chief Minister’s concern about population explosion and batting for two-child norm is good in parts, but how far he could succeed in his mission is a moot question (BSY conceives two-child norm after China visit, DH Sep 10).  Since our country is having divergent views on all the issues and our netas unable to take decision on any matter especially to find solution to population control for the reason best known to them, how far the Chief Minister gets his act together is a million dollar question.  As long as the scourge of illiteracy ruling roosts in our country, it is an uphill task to achieve any positive result in this direction.







Air turbulence

The Indian aviation sector is admittedly in a state of complete chaos. The coordinated mass sick leave resorted to by a majority of the Jet Airways pilots forcing the cancellation of numerous domestic and overseas flights, not to mention the massive inconvenience piled on the passengers, needs to be condemned in the most stringent manner. With the Indian skies, hitherto the domain of Air India and the Indian Airlines, thrown open to private entrepreneurs, the government has remained mute spectators to a series of threats and counter-offensives affected by the employees and owners of the civil aviation companies against any missive or directive that goes against their interests. Rather than recurrently harping on a revival policy and the healthy functioning of the national carrier that has the civil aviation ministry pre-occupied, the government should come out with a Blue-Print that clearly spells out the guidelines for private airline operations in the country.     

Pachu Menon



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