India can lead way in green tech, says Don

India can lead way in green tech, says Don

 Cornel University Management Professor Stuart Hart Samuel C Johnson, on Saturday, envisaged that “India can be one of the most important parts of the world where Green Leap revolution will take place.”

Prof Hart proposed the convergence of green technology and base of the pyramid for creating sustainable organisations.
He was speaking at an interactive session organised by the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for sustainable development here on “Strategies & Leadership for Creating Sustainable Organisations.”

The leap frog change, according to Prof Hart, will emerge from developing countries who expressed that the dual challenge of pollution, depletion of resources and degradation along with population, poverty and inequity may lead to crisis.

“Challenge is to bring a convergence between clean technology and base of the pyramid business which is called the green leap”, stressed Prof Stuart.

He also emphasised that India’s 600 million rural population would represent country’s silver lining to the organisations by building opportunities to create environmentally sustainable way of living that is affordable and which creates livelihoods for the rural populace.

Echoing similar views, ITC Chairman YC Deveshwar urged “you can be the change agents and bring the change you want to see.” 

There is a need to redefine the term ‘value creation’.  “We should use markets to reward responsible corporate conduct,” said Deveshwar. “The challenge is to translate the idea of creating societal value into shareholder value so that there is long term benefit.”