'Bangalore has a huge market for hard rock'

'Bangalore has a huge market for hard rock'

Second visit

Lamb of God has always been a legendary band and the man behind its rhythm — Chris Adler, the drummer — is no less of a celebrity figure. This musician has always managed to trump his peers with a combination of clockwork precision and contemporary energy.

He may be a drummer of mythical proportions in the eyes of many, but Chris still remains refreshingly down to earth, admitting to Metrolife during a recent interview, that each time he steps on to the stage is a nerve-wracking experience.

“Before every single show I do, I get nervous. It’s scary — I want to play my best, especially in far-off places where we won’t get a second chance to perform. I start shaking and feel nauseous — but the moment I get up there and start playing, it’s great,” he says candidly.

Thankfully, Bangalore is one of the cities where the band actually will have a second chance to perform. Their concert, scheduled on May 26, has already got cash registers ringing and rock fans buzzing with anticipation.

Chris couldn’t be happier about it, especially given the great time he had here during his last visit. “When I first came to Bangalore, I didn’t know what to expect. We were told that we have many record sales here, but didn’t know anything more about the City. But when we did get here, we had a fantastic response,” he says.

He took advantage of the short trip to listen to a few Indian rock bands, and is now a self-confessed fan.

“There were seven or eight different bands who played with us that day, from all over the country. This time, we are going to have ‘Skyharbor’ and I’m a big fan of theirs. Bangalore has a huge market for hard rock and heavy metal,” he notes. He’s fairly impressed by the music scenario in the country’s rock capital.

“I was listening to some local bands the last time I was here and was surprised — many of the places we go to don’t have a very good local music scenario, but these were incredible,” he says, adding that it was during that trip that he developed a taste for ‘Skyharbor’.

He’s quick to add though, that he’s keeping a check on his expectations from this show. “I don’t want to expect too much and be disappointed. For us, a concert is all about visiting a new place and experimenting with its culture and food. So even if no one turns up, we’ll still have a good time,” he quips.

One of Chris’ regrets is that during his last trip to the City, the band was kept tucked away from the public and he didn’t have a chance to tap into the rhythm of Bangalore. “We were put up in an out-of-the-way resort, which was a disappointment. This time, I want to experiment with the local food. I’m a vegetarian and eat Indian food all the time,” he says.

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