Combination of art and dance

Combination of art and dance

Photo Montage

Dr Sharada Srinivasan, an art historian, dancer and an associate professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies has curated a photo-montage and multimedia exhibition, which is currently on at the Alliance Francaise. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy and the exhibition is a celebration of the same. It also serves as a prelude to the Danse e-toile: Nataraja et le Cosmos (Dance of Stars: Nataraja and the Cosmos),
a simultaneous Internet-streamed and webcast performance and event across India and France, which will be held on October 17.

The inauguration was done by Devaki Jain (former member, Karnataka State Planning Board), Ian Glover (professor, London University), S Settar (Director, IGNCA) and professor Kamalakshi. “I like Sharada’s works. She has done some serious research,” says Ian to Metrolife.

Ian has been a teacher and a mentor to the lady. “She has been able to combine archaeometallurgy with dance, science and cosmos,” he says. Referring to one of the pieces on display, he says, “Look at the copper rich elements and the water lilies in this image. It’s so beautiful.”

The photo montages mainly consist of the different poses of Chola Nataraja bronze icons along with the different moves of Sharada. The dancer has always been fascinated with the Nataraja. “It’s an on-going love affair,” she laughs.

“It’s a bottomless pit for me as the inspiration never ends. The cosmic pillar just goes higher.” She adds, “The photo montages are a juxtaposition of images and ideas in such a way, that a story is told.”

Danse e-toile is a unique event that will be held on October 17 simultaneously at Toulouse, France and Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Hoskote.
While Anusha Emrith will be performing at Toulouse and Sharada will be performing in Bangalore.

The choreographic interaction of the distant dancers would seek to interpret the cosmos.
The photo montage exhibition is on till September 17 at the Alliance Francaise, 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar.