Kailasa and Bhole's damru

Kailasa and Bhole's damru

Musical Extravaganza

Kailasa and Bhole's damru

India's biggest live entertainment destination, Kingdom of Dreams, recently hosted a special evening for music lovers with the live performance of Kalilash Kher's band, Kailasa.

Kailasa’s concert gave people another reason to beat the heat with mesmerising rhythms of instrumental pieces composed and rendered by one of India’s most talented names in singing. The musical journey of the evening began with a symphony created by Kailash and his band.

Apart from the hit numbers from his album like Teri Deewani, Kailash also sang a number of hits from Bollywood as well.

Some of the most popular tracks that he sung included Chak De Phattey, Ya Rabba, and his acoustic version of Tu Jane Naa led to a roar from the crowd.

Delhiites were relaxed and enjoying their but the scenario changed when Kailash asked the crowd to get up and jive to his electric music. Thereafter everyone in the audience was seen dancing to all his numbers, even the sad ones!

The evening gathered momentum with each new song and the crowd became eager for more. Soon requests from Kailasa’s album started coming and Kailash was more than willing to cater to the audience’s demands.

“I am from Delhi and it always feels great to perform here. Delhiites are known for their energy levels during such concerts and considering the fact that this time the concert is being held in Kingdom of Dreams, I am all the more excited because I believe opening of such venues that have been missing in the country for so long, the live act forms will provide the right platforms and this industry will grow rapidly with such moves,” said Kailash Kher just before he went on stage.

The evening was indeed an entertainment extravaganza full of dance and music and Kailash Kher’s Kailasa was as endearing as ever as the crowds cheered him on happily for three hours and then some more.