Protests in CB Pur against GIM

Over 40,000 acres acquired, which is way above requirement

The members of Karnataka Pranta Raitha Sangha and Karnataka Pranta Krishikoolikara Sangha will stage protest against the second edition of the Global Investors Meet (GIM), scheduled to be begin from June 7 in Bangalore, at the district headquarters and all the taluk centres on Thursday.

The members of the two organisations are pressuring the Government to consider the demands of the people who have applied for houses and plots under various schemes and not to amend the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, which would prove detrimental to the farmers of the State.

They have also urged government not to pursue any policy which was against the interest of farmers.

The government is forcefully taking away the farmers’ land in spite of stiff opposition from the latter.  Sadly, these lands are being given to multi-national companies (MNCs) and investors, said Raitha Sangha district unit leader B N Munikrishna.

40,000 acres

As much as 40,000 acres land has been acquired and given to Land Bank by the government. The acquisition, however, lacks transparency and land has been acquired in excess of the requirement, Munikrishna added.

With every passing day the agriculture land is shrunking in the State, he said.

The government should immediately stop acquiring agriculture land.

Instead of giving the cultivable land to foreign companies and investors, the authorities concerned should encourage agriculture activity, he said.

It is wrong on the part of government to give away land to investors when it can help the farmers, who are caught in the vicious circle of debt, he added.

Arid and barren lands can be allotted to MNCs and investors for setting up of industries.

‘Give arid land’

In case good agriculture land is required for the purpose, then the farmers must be paid a suitable compensation. The companies, apart from giving a share in the profit, should also give permanent solution to the families. Only then land should be given to companies, Munikrishna added.

Lakhs of people who either don’t own a house or plot have applied for the same at their Gram Panchayat offices. Though government  promised to  allot the land and houses according to the demand, no action has been initiated till today, said Raitha Sangha district unit Secretary C Gopinath.

The government’s policies and decision should be pro-people, who have voted it to power and not in support of the industries or investors.

Instead of organising the investors’ meet, the government should organise farmers’ meet in order to solve the problems their problems, he added.

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