'Indians live in harmony despite several diversities'

“India is unique, as the people here live together in harmony despite several diversities. If it was Europe, people would not have adjusted the way Indians do,” says Samuel Buchoul from France.

Samuel who did his Bachelors in Informative Science back at France, studied in Delhi University for three years and will now take up a Master’s course in philosophy in Manipal. The course commences from August.

Samuel says it is the formal lifestyle in India that attracted him the most. He also felt that studying in India is cheap and affordable and especially there won’t be problem with the language as many Indians speak English.

He was always inclined towards acquiring the fundamental experience and India was
absolutely the foremost choice.

Samuel says even though the education was of good quality in Delhi, the University politics involving student syndicate, students and lecturers union has overshadowed the positive aspects. However, Delhi is a perfect destination in terms of science and technology education and not for humanity disciplines.

“I am looking forward for a wonderful learning experience in Manipal as I was told that a thinking approach is imbibed in teaching process here,” he adds.

“India stands different in many ways and people are really kind and they welcome strangers with open arms. One may experience cultural gaps with varying degrees in different places across India, however, Indian culture is huge and beautiful.”

“Even though I understand a bit of it, even after three years it is difficult to compare and still hard to think about,” he adds.

Samuel feels that humane contact that Indians maintain is not found anywhere else in the globe.

The most lovable fact in India is food as it is casual and not a lengthy affair like in France. “I had difficulty in the beginning adjusting for spicy food, but now I love to have behl puri, paneer chicken masala and gobi,” he says.

Samuel is smitten with the elegant look of Indian saris. He says it is a legitimate and proper way of dressing.

“There is a tradition behind the attire. Most of the times, I had observed students in Delhi going for experimental look blindly copying the western clothes which ends up looking weird,” he adds.

Samuel says that he will definitely tell his friends to visit India. “I have plans to continue studying after finishing my second masters here or I might go to US. However, I will end up in teaching and research,” he concludes.

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