No breach of contract by Kamal Haasan, says Rajkamal Films

No breach of contract by Kamal Haasan, says Rajkamal Films

In a counter affidavit in response to the suit filed by Pyramid Saimara Productions International Ltd (PSPIL), Chandra Haasan, a partner in Rajkamal Films, said about Rs.40 crore had been spent on the production of the movie, to be released in Tamil and Telugu.
Granting an injunction on the release of "Unnaipol Oruvan" would cause "great hardship, serious prejudice and irreparable loss" to him, the firm and the actor, Chandra Haasan said.

PSPIL has filed the suit seeking a stay on the release of Unnaipol Oruvan, saying Kamal Haasan had breached a contract signed with it for a joint venture bilingual film "Marmayogi" starring him.

The suit, which sought recovery of Rs 7.82 crore, including interest on Rs 6.90 crore provided by the firm to Rajkamal Films for "Marmayogi", claimed the actor had assured that he would not act in any other film till the project was completed. However, the defendants without commencing production of Marmayogi had diverted the funds for their movie 'Unnaipol Oruvan' violating an MoU, PSPIL alleged.

Describing the suit as "an instance of litigation to cause misery' and "an abuse of process of law", Chandra Haasan said any delay in the film's release would cause "untold misery" to several persons who had invested in various ways.

Claiming Raajkamal Films, Chandra Hassan and Kamal Haasan owed no dues to PSPIL, the affidavit said separate accounts had been maintained for all receipts from PSPIL and expenses incurred on the production of 'Marmayogi'.

It denied charges that funds meant for 'Marmayogi' were diverted for production of Unnaipol Oruvan, that production of Marmayogi had not commenced and that Kamal Haasan had breached a clause in the MoU between PSPIL and Raajkamal Films not to act in any other movie till completion of the film.

On the other hand, the actor had lost one year of his time and Rs 40 crore of income, the affidavit claimed and sought dismissal of the application for the injunction.