ESComs told to provide better services to consumers

Training: Officials asked to stress on quality, uninterrupted power

Warning a sounding bell to Electricity Supply Companies (ESComs), Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) chairman M R Srinivasa Murthy said that unless the former start providing better services, they would lose out consumers if private players start entering the market.

He was speaking at a workshop organised for members of consumer grievance redressal forums (CGRF) and field-level officials of ESComs here on Saturday.

Murthy said the first priority of ESComs is to cater to the needs of the people by providing them quality service. Power outage should be a matter of concern and ESComs should provide power, whatever be the cost, to the consumer. Mentioning that ESComs are a monopoly in the market at present, he said they should utilise the opportunity to ensure that demands of consumers are met.
Advising the participants, not to consider it just a business, Murthy said emphasis should be on providing quality service.


KERC member Vishwanath Hiremath opined that during meetings held by KERC, a majority of the complaints from consumers are related to CGRF. Observing that majority of people are unaware of CGRFs, he said measures should be taken to improve awareness about consumers about CGRF, ombudsman regulations and standards of performance.

Mentioning that the quality of orders issued by CGRFs was unsatisfactory, he said majority of the orders are appealed before the ombudsman. Majority of the appeals are settled in favour of consumers, indicating that there is a need for CGRF members to be acquainted with various laws and procedures.

Hiremath reminded ESCom officials that they need to solve people’s problems within one week of the complaint being registered. Urging them to be active, he told them to attend to people’s woes immediately. He also urged CGRFs to be unbiased while reacting to a petition. He urged them to hear both sides before giving order related to the complaint filed in the CGRF.

Ombudsman Jayaramaraje Urs mentioned that it was important to improve awareness among people by using the support of NGOs. He urged ESComs to think from consumer point of view and not eye only commercial success.

KERC member K Srinivasa Rao and Cesc managing director P Bore Gowda were present.

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