'Love is the most beautiful emotion'

'Love is the most beautiful emotion'

'Love is the most beautiful emotion'

The last time Shahid Kapoor broke up with an actress, the movie they had last worked together in went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year. Shahid Kapoor has now worked with another ex-flame in Teri Meri Kahaani and everyone wonders if the magic would be recreated. The actor, however, laughs at this theory.

“I don’t think a film turns out to be a hit or a flop because of the status of the lead actor’s relationship. It’s the hard work and the vision of the director that makes that happen. Jab We Met will always remain a special film for me because of Imtiaz Ali’s vision,” says Shahid on his recent visit to the City.

About his on-and-off girlfriend Priyanka Chopra, Shahid chooses to remain diplomatic by saying, “We are just really good friends,” and adds, “It has been a pleasure working with Priyanka in this movie. We actually got along well during the making of Kaminey. Since we knew each other, it only made it more comfortable to work together again.”

Indian cinema is predominately filled with love stories and what made Shahid choose Tere Meri Kahaani was because it showcased love in three different eras. “So far we have showcased so many kinds of love stories but none like this. It shows a whole new side of love,” he adds.

Love, according to Shahid, is that slice of life that he hopes everyone finds. “It’s the most beautiful emotion one can experience. People say love is blind, but I believe that it is also dumb and deaf,” he says.

Having completed close to nine years in the industry Shahid says he has changed a lot as an actor. “I used to be very calculative but now I have learnt to become more instinctive when it comes to picking films. I take up anything that excites me,” he says. But doesn’t the failure of the film upset him? “As an actor, we hope that all of our films are successful but one has to accept the fact that each film has its own fate,” he says.

It is this instinct that made him sign films with the likes of Yash Raj, Bejoy Nambiar and even Prabhu Deva. While Shahid is known for his dancing skills, he is nervous about working with Prabhu Deva. “He is a task master. He choreographed an act at the IIFA for me. It was a challenge to dance to his tunes. I am sure this will be a project to watch out for,” he signs off.