Superstition claims child's life in UP

One-year-old burnt during tantriks treatment

Even in the age of computers, superstitions still prevail in our society. A one-year-old child suffering from rickets died allegedly after suffering serious burns during a tantrik ritual – exorcism – at Mau village.

Rickets is characterised by softening of bones due to deficiency of vitamin D.
He was suffering from the disease for the past couple of months. Superstitious parents, instead of taking him to a doctor and getting him treated by experts, preferred to approach a ‘tantrik’ (exorcist) thinking that he would relieve him of his illness.

The tantrik gave the child's father, Becha Lal, ‘loban’ (a kind of incense used by tantriks) asking him to light it in a room and make the child lie beside it, villagers said.

Becha Lal, a Dalit, did as he was told. He lit the ‘loban’ and made the child lie near it on Wednesday evening.

Since the ceiling fan was switched on, sparks fell on the clothes of the child and they caught fire. Though family members were standing outside the room, they did not notice it as they thought the smoke was coming from the ‘loban’.

“The family members rushed into the room only after they heard the boy’s cries but by that time he had suffered severe burns,” locals said.

He was rushed to a primary health centre from where he was referred to the state capital as his condition was critical.

But he could not be saved. He died of his injuries at the hospital late on Wednesday night.

Police said they are investigating the matter.
There have been incidents of sacrificing children for attaining ‘miraculous powers’ in the rural areas in the state, especially in the backward district of Sonebhadra.

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