Israel warns of imminent threat of terror attacks across India

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau at the National Security Council (NSC) in a travel warning for Israeli tourists in India rated the threat as "imminent and concrete", putting special emphasis on Jammu and Kashmir.

"The terrorist group that carried out the serious Mumbai attack in India is planning to carry out a number of attacks across India, particularly against concentrations of Western or Israeli tourists," warned a statement from Israel's counter-terrorism unit.

The bureau has recommended Israelis currently in India to avoid crowded areas, especially tourist areas, which have no apparent armed security.

The statement said the travel warning was based on "a concrete, very serious threat."
In view of potential terror attacks across the entire country, Israeli travellers have been advised to "take precautions and remain alert".

The warning comes at a time when the Chabad houses across India are planning numerous events for the celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. Last year's attacks in Mumbai had targeted a Chabad house, among several other targets, where six Israelis were killed.

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