Love is in the air


Unusual though it was for the season, June actually saw housefulls for theatre performances and is now slated to end on a high note too.

Two different plays, two venues, sharing the same theme of love are being presented with different treatments. Ticket to Heaven and Mix Veg in Hot Garlic Sauce – two plays talking about love in very different ways ready to be staged in Delhi.

On June 29, Ticket to Heaven by Faces. It is a story of an accidental meeting between a conman, a sex-starved wife and her God-fearing husband on a rainy night. In their quest for love, lust and faith, the three of them reach the gates of heaven. What follows next forms the plot of the play. Directed by noted TV-artist Saleem Shah, the 75-minute play is suitable for adults. The playwright-director takes his inspiration from today’s generation.

“The new generation today takes extreme steps even when faced with the slightest of problems. The message of the play is to never give up in life but it is presented in a farcical manner using themes of love and lust.” First staged in May, he play on June 29, will be followed by Bhelpuri - a stand-up comedy being performed by Saleem. 6 pm onwards at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate.

Tickets: Rs 200, 300, 500 available on
 On 30 June, Mix Veg in Hot Garlic Sauce is being perfor­m­ed by Desires Unlimited - a five year old theatre group. A Hindi play directed by Hemant Kathuria, it has been adapted from a Neil Simon comedy. The story is about a village full of fools who cannot be educated because they have been cursed. A young man who takes on the ambitious task of educating them, ends up falling in love with a girl from the village itself, who incidentally is also desired by the local goon.

So our hero has two missions to accomplish – to save his girl and to save the village too. The story was originally set in 1891-1892 Russia but has been adapted to Indian sensibilities and even has an item song in it, according to Hemant. “The play was initially written by Simon after his divorce.

The proceedings of the play had to go to his wife as alimony, so he decided to write a play that wouldn’t garner any money. Ironically, it became one of his most famous plays!” Hemant says. This is Mix Veg in Hot Garlic Sauce’s premier. 7 pm onwards at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House. Tickets: Rs 200, 300, 400 available on  

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