US man recovers car 42 years after theft

Forty two years after it was stolen from his home, a US man tracked down his beloved 1967 sports car, Austin Healey, after spotting it on eBay.

Robert Russell, who now lives in Texas, had his 1967 Austin Healey stolen when he lived in Philadelphia in 1970.

Russell never gave up looking for the car and continued his search, scouring the Internet.
In May, with his original certificate of title, Russell was able to match the vehicle identification number on a car being sold on eBay to his Austin Healey, NBC Los Angeles reported.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives recovered the car and returned it to Russell, who took the car back to Texas.

Russell said the car was intact and in fair condition, requiring a bit of exterior and interior work.

Russell said he continued to search for the vehicle not for its monetary value, but for its sentimental value to him and his wife. Russell told deputies that he bought the vehicle for USD 3,000. It's now valued at USD 23,000.

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