Exploring the hills and beyond

Exploring the hills and beyond

Here’s a book that documents one’s experiences of having scaled and witnessed the beauty of Kailash and Manasarovar.

This travelogue, Kailasa Manasa, written by Gajanana Sharma, that was launched in the City last week, is a treat for travel freaks. 
Kailasa Manasa captures the experiences of the author and his wife to the hills a few years ago.

Talking about the book he says, “I have always wanted to go on a pilgrimage to the land of the Gods. I thought the interesting incidents and experiences I encountered on my journey would be useful to people who wish to traverse the same path,” said

Expounding on his rather dangerous, adventurous and fun-filled journey, Gajanana adds, “There were times when we faced uneven terrains and rough weather conditions but nothing stopped us from reaching our destination. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscapes, the river, crossing and high passes.”

Dubbing Gajanana’s work as “incredible”, Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri said, “The experiences have been penned and narrated in a lucid and easy to read style. It is sure to benefit those who wish to go on similar expeditions. I always encourage the young to read and enrich their knowledge about culture and religions in India.”

Christening Gajanana as a scholar, a poet, a scientist, a writer, a researcher, Kannada Book Authority Chairman, Dr Siddalingaih, who was also present at the function says, “Kailasa Manasa is a worthy addition to the world of Kannada books. His book is insightful, indepth and gives one a clear glimpse into his travel.”