One role, many shades

One role, many shades

New Look

Known for his action sequences, Sri Murali is now all set for a whole new on-screen image and style make-over in his forthcoming movies, Sri Hari, Harikathe, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, and Nandhe. Paired opposite Pooja and Radhika Gandhi in his home production Sri Hari, Harikathe, Murali plays a soft, timid and a dignified character, which is quite different from his usual roles.

“I was very hesitant when director Dayal Padmanabhan discussed the script with me because it required a lot of changes, both physically and mentally. Finally, it was my brother and father, who gave me the confidence. They told me that it would be challenging for an action hero to do a film with emotions and family-related sentiments,” he adds.

The first requirement for the role was to chop off his long locks, “My parents always hated my long hair and this being a home production, the first thing they asked me to do was to get a hair-cut,” says Murali while adding, “Since I always loved my hair, it was very difficult for me but the character demanded a certain kind of look so there was no escaping it.”

The role also required Murali to wear spectacles, “I had to wear specs to get a soft look on my face. All these things created some anxiety in me but I am told that the new look has actually made me look younger,” he adds.

Murali is happy that he is getting a variety of roles this year. In Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Murali will again be donning not one, but three different looks. “It’s not triple acting, but different phases of one character,” says Murali, who will be seen as a wild, sober and a romantic person in the film.

As for Nandhe, Murali says it will surely be totally different from the previous two since it has shades of underworld in it. “I have always believed in doing things differently and taking a break from the routine. This time, I am sure that my fans will be blown away and will surely find it difficult to digest the new me,” he says. We sure are looking forward to the new Murali.