Condolence bloopers in Assembly

A condolence message issued by the State government created a furore in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly (KLA) on Thursday, with the members of the Opposition party giving the State Government a dressing down.

An embarrassment was in wait for the State government when Congress leader T B Jayachandra pointed out to a blunder where a condolence message was issued for a person who was alive. 

When the Assembly was condoling the death of several leaders, Jayachandra, pointing to the condolence message released by the Assembly Secretariat, declaring former Ramdurg MLA dead. 

He questioned how can the Speaker’s office itself bungle by declaring a living person, dead.

When the Speaker said he wasn’t aware how it happened, Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah pointed out how an information pertaining to former MLA was furnished, but the photograph released was Venkatappa. Don’t they understand this, he questioned.

After Speaker Bopaiah assured to initiate action against persons responsible for it, Jayachandra suggested to offer condolence only to those who are dead and apologise to the mess.

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