We created God

Sweet and sour

Once again some philosophers and theologians have revived their belief in the existence of God.

They use different names for Him, Her or It. God can be Brahma, the Creator, God can be Allah, Rabb, Parmeshwar or Wahguru.

In any event whatever name you give Him, He is regarded as the Creator of all life in the world. If you ask believers if God created life, then ask them if that is so, who created Him?

They have no answer. The truth is that life on earth was not created. It evolved as did every living creature. It was not created by any person by whatever name you call Him or Her. There was no Creator. It is not God who created us; we created God.
Wasted time

I often look over 98 years of my life and repent over the time I wasted in solving crossword puzzles. I subscribe to five dailies all of which have crossword puzzles. After skipping news headlines, I get down to solve these puzzles. That wastes all my morning till noontime at which I have my mid-day meal.

I often start this time-wasting pastime after my siesta. I feel by now I must have wasted many years of my life in indulging myself in a pastime which has done me no good. I have no excuse to offer. I am a silly old man who does not understand the real purpose of life. All I can do now is to warn my readers not to follow my example. Life must not be thrown away in a futile pastime.

Kuldip Nayar

During my last two years in Lahore, I taught Hindu law and the law of contracts at the Law College. Among my many students was Kuldip Nayar. Ever since he has called me Professor Sahib. He rose to eminence as one of India’s top-most journalists and civil servants. He was appointed India’s High Commissioner in London. We shared two passions in common.

One was that nothing should harm the close relationship between Hindus and Sikhs; it was and is a naugh-mass da rights, as a nail to the flesh out of which it grows.

When the massacre of Sikhs took place in northern India following the assassination of Ms Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguard, he went to the Gurdwara in Shepherd Bush in London to ask for forgiveness. At a mass meeting of Sikhs at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj, I thanked Hindus who had come out of their homes to protect Sikhs from Hindu gangsters thirsting for their blood.

Both of us were forced to flee from our homes for our lives. Both of us continue to plead for close and friendlier relations with Pakistan.

Kuldip has recently published his autobiography: Beyond The Lines: An Autobiography (Roli Books). It belongs to the category of must read books. It is well-worded. It has no element of self-praise which make autobiographies written by most Indians unreadable. Unfortunately, Kuldip Nayar is a strict teetotaller. Water drinkers make poor companions at drink time.

Why so sad?

Though Shriomani Akali Dal had earlier swept the Assembly elections in Punjab and now come out victorious in municipal polls, it is still referred to as SAD Isn’t it sad?
At a close door meeting of Shriomani Akali Dal, it was suggested that it should change its name since its abbreviated name SAD doesn’t sound well. And it was proposed that its name should be changed to Badal Akali Dal. But then someone interjected to say that the new name too would be distasteful as its abbreviated form would read BAD.

Indo-Pak relations:

How can the chemistry of Indo-Pakistan relations be summed up in a couplet?

Dil Saaf ho Kaise
Ke Insaaf Nahin
Insaaf ho Kaise
Ke Dil saaf Nahin

How can you clean your heart
When there is no justice?
How can therebe justice?
When the heart is not clean.

(Courtesy: KJS Ahluwalia, Amritsar)

Presidential power

Front cover of Tuglak magazine -editor: Cho Ramaswamy translated:
“Excellent job opportunity for the old, aged and infirm.”
Nature of Job: President of India
Age: 35 and above. Preference will be given to over 80.
Job description: Console people on Republic Day after the flag hoisting.
Keep persuing mercy petitions from murderers without taking any decision.
Frequent travel abroad with family.
Salary: Rs 1,50,000 p.m.
Perks: Space is not sufficient. Booklet will be sent on payment of Rs 10 crossed postal order.

Divine dispensation

Nobody teaches volcanoes to erupt, tsunamis to devastate, hurricanes to sway around and no one teaches how to choose a wife.
Natural disasters just happen.

(Contributed by Vipin Buckshey, New Delhi)

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