'Fests mould one's character'

'Fests mould one's character'

Yashaswini VinodYashaswini Vinod

“Fests are a great platform for students to exhibit their talents as well as put into action the discipline that they have imbibed in their formative years.
It also enables students to learn and develop abilities, thus enhancing communication skills and public relations through
interaction. It helps students broaden their horizon as well as knowledge by giving them an opportunity to put theory into practice.”

Greeshma Singh
“Fests form an integral part of a student’s life. They provide students with the necessary exposure into the corporate world and serves as a threshold for future entrepreneurs to implement their innovative ideas. Certain events, especially quizzes, prove to be a battle of the sharpest and most knowledgeable minds. They provide the best
opportunity for colleges to brand themselves.”  

Naman Jain
 “Fests mould a person’s character and personality. Participation is not the only aspect of a fest, organising events also plays a crucial role for the success of a fest. The experience thus gained gives us a different perspective to the way we go about doing certain things. Also, meeting corporates gives us the know-how on the corporate world.”

Prahlad Srihari
“Fests may be a platform or a threshold, but they increase stress and demotivate students, in case they lose. Many a time, judges tend to be prejudiced and do not maintain sagacity. Certain fests are also over-dramatised and hyped without focussing on essential management aspects. Hence, fests have a negative impact on students who participate.”

Ronak Khiraiya
“The main objective of fests is the holistic development of a student. But these days, the winning factor is so hyped that it doesn’t really seem fair to put the students through such obstacles and demotivate them in every possible way. Such practices should be boycotted so that students have a classroom experience, which would give them an upper hand in the knowledge they gain.”

Moksha Jain
“These days, fests stray away from their main objective. They are laying irrelevant strain on alternative events not associated with management activities. It has ended up losing the initial impact, it was meant to deliver. Hence in order to offer the students a fair experience of the
corporate world, they should be exposed to the corporate world itself, and not to such illegitimate fests.”

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