Indians most intolerant to peas: Study

A study conducted on people suffering from multiple food intolerance shows that 76 per cent people are intolerant to peas. The vegetable is followed by kola nuts in cola drinks, to which 75 per cent respondents were intolerant. 

Cow milk was third in the list of 20 items, with 72.50 per cent respondents being intolerant to it. The inhouse analysis was conducted by a private laboratory among 200 people through its food intolerance test. The laboratory conducts test for intolerance to 200 food items by testing antigen levels in the blood. The test costs Rs 14,000.

 Food intolerance is a non-allergic hypersensitivity to food products that arises when incompletely digested food particles enter one’s bloodstream and are subsequently treated as foreign substances. Unlike allergies, reactions appear after 12 hours to many days after consumption. Symptoms include migraine, stomach upset, bloating, skin rashes and wheezing. These tests are recommened  when their clients complain of symptoms such as headache. Once patients know what they are intolerant to, they remove it from their deit.

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