Foreign touch tackles neglect at Hampi

Foreign touch tackles neglect at Hampi

The ruins of Hampi got a touch of foreign conservation, even as they continued to be neglected by locals. A team of 19 students from five countries cleaned the Nandi and Ganesha Mantaps, infested with weeds and thorny plants as a part of shramadan.

The Mantaps are adjacent to the Karma Mantap Road on the bank of the River Tungabhadra. The students arrived at Hampi on a 15-day cultural and educational visit. Bangalore-based NGO FSL India has organised the trip.

The youths are interested in knowing Indian art and culture. The students, who belong to South Korea, Taiwan, France, Italy and Spain, will interact with residents of neighbouring villages and schoolchildren.

The students will interact with schoolchildren on topic as such as the English language, drawing, health and social issues. They will also interact with residents of neighbouring villages to understand their lifestyle, tradition, cultural practise and their origins.
“Reading books is not sufficient to know a place. Hence, we came here to meet the people. The first day’s work has given us new experience,” said Raabeen, a law student from France.

“I am doing research on human relationships and I am interested in knowing different lifestyles. I chose India to study the joint family system,” said Ariadna from Spain.

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