'I know a lot of bikers in Bangalore'

'I know a lot of bikers in Bangalore'

'I know a lot of bikers in Bangalore'

The handsome VJ-turned-actor Rannvijay Singh was in town recently and Metrolife caught up with him for a little chat to find out what he’s been doing.

Rannvijay’s first stint with Bollywood was in ‘Toss: A Flip of Destiny’, following which he worked in films like ‘London Dreams’ and Action Replayy. He has also acted in Punjabi films like Dharti and Taur Mittran Di and intends to do a big action film in Punjab sometime in the future. 

His latest project is an untitled film by Nagesh Kukun­oor, in which his character Angad is a boxer. The character is modelled on Mike Tyson. He has had to undergo a lot of physical training for the part.

 “I was training extensively till April because we were supposed to shoot in May. The film’s been pushed back by three months at the moment and we’re waiting to know the schedule. Then I’ll start working out again,” says a well-built Rannvijay.

 “It was actually getting too much. I wasn’t eating carbs at all for four months! I’m just maintaining my body now and 45 days before shooting, it is hammer time again,” he adds with a half-hearted smile. 

The high-spirited 29-year-old will always be remembered as the first winner of MTV Roadies. Luckily for him, his love for riding doesn’t look like it will fizzle out anytime soon.

 “For me, riding’s pretty much permanent. I have eight bikes and I bought my newest one only a few months ago. If you’re passionate about something and do a show about it, you don’t let the passion die after it’s over,” says Rannvijay.

 “One of the reasons I love Bangalore is because I know a lot of bikers from here, who are fans of motor sports and drag races and things,” adds the Mumbaikar, who keeps coming back to visit the biker community of this City. 

Bikers and Roadies fans alike will be disappointed to know that ‘Roadies 10’ may just be the last season of the popular television show, which sparked off a biker revolution in the country. “I don’t know if there’s going to be another season after this one.

 Raghu, Rajeev and I have discussed that there’s more to us than that. We don’t want people to stop liking it and then stop the show. We want to leave it on a high,” shares Rannvijay. “It’s just fair to let people and the channels know beforehand. We can’t just end it and say ‘Okay, we’re done!’”

Being a youth icon of sorts, he knows that people look up to him as a fashion icon. “We’re probably called that by virtue of having been on the show. But in reality, there’s no particular trend to follow. You should wear what you can carry off.

If you’ve found a range of clothes in your wardrobe that you think you look good in, you will always look stylish,” advises Rannvijay. “You need to know your body. If you’re fit, you can pretty much wear anything!” he says with a smile.