'Corn, rice, pulses harm asthmatics'

 A research by doctors of Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute has shown that people suffering from asthma should avoid eating foods like rice, corn, banana and pulses like udad and masoor.

These food products can cause skin diseases among such patients. The study, led by Dr Rajkumar, included 1,860 patients between age 12 and 62 years. He said in the initial screening 1,097 subjects were found to have food allergy.

But in the next stage of  skin prick test (SPT), 627 patients denied to go through the test. Among the rest 470 patients, 138 were found positive for food allergy.

Rajkumar said the scariest part is that patients have been found allergic to the most common eatables. Rice, corn, bananas, pulses and eggs are a common ingredient of regular diet in India. In the general population two to six per cent people are allergic to these food items, while 1.3 to 1.9 are allergic to coconut, soybean, carrot, potato, reddish, tomato and cauliflower.

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