Dissolved Team Anna to form federal party soon

Dissolved Team Anna to form federal party soon

Dissolved Team Anna to form federal party soon
Amid criticism from various fronts, members of the disbanded Team Anna have decided to move ahead and form a federal political party on the lines of African National Congress (ANC).

Sources said the ANC model was adopted because it gives a chance to the independent organisations to join the party without losing their identity. 

“The ANC is in an alliance with political parties and trade unions. Each alliance partner is an independent organisation with its own constitution, membership and programmes,” sources explained.

The anti-graft activists have adopted the model to accommodate diverse groups, similar in structure to the Indian National Congress of pre-independence days when communists, socialists and rightists were part of the party.

“Grassroot organisations do not want to dissolve their identity. They are keen on joining electoral politics but without abandoning the struggle they are engaged in,” an anti-graft leader said and added that there were other forums which were ready to extend help but prefer to stay away from polls.

Sources said there were heated debates among the organisations and individuals who were likely to be a part of the new party. It is said Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Mansih Sisodia and Yogendra Yadav were finalising the model. Meanwhile, Kiran Bedi tweeted on Sunday that Anna Hazare has assured them of the movement’s continuance.

 "Everyone has his or her orientation... some go for politics and some will go for movement and both are necessary at this point of time," the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal dismissed the reports that Hazare was opposed to formation of a political party. “Anna Hazare considers it as the best option,” he said.

Bedi courts row with rape comment

While a close aide of Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi shared the dais with Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, the former IPS officer landed herself in a new controversy when she remarked that “small rapes” and “assaults” get more TV coverage than the corruption of 15 ministers that her former team was trying to highlight, reports DHNS from New Delhi.

“I have read the files relating to 15 ministers who have charges of corruption against them. But none of the mediapersons discussed the corruption charges against any one of the 15 ministers,” Bedi said.

 “Look at the extent of discussions you have when a police officer or a government official commits a small rape or assault,” Bedi added.