Violent extremist in Pak a threat to region, world: Obama

Violent extremist in Pak a threat to region, world: Obama

Barack Obama

"The violent extremists within Pakistan pose a threat to the region, to the United States, and to the world. Above all, they threaten the security of the Pakistani people," he said in his address to a meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan.

Held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the meeting was co-chaired by Obama along with his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

"Success will require a sustained and expanded commitment from the international community. And that is why we are here today," the US President said.

Obama said the United States was firmly committed to a better future of Pakistani people which would also advance the common security and prosperity of the two countries.
"Just as we will help Pakistan strengthen the capacity that it needs to root out violent extremists, we are also committed to working with all of you to help Pakistan improve the basic services that its people depend upon – schools, roads, and hospitals," he said.

Obama said, "We will also work with the Pakistani government to as it makes its institutions more transparent and responsive, so that assistance reaches the people who need it, and Pakistan's commitment to democracy is buttressed by a commitment to the rule of law."

Convinced that the people of Pakistan can and will shape their own future, he said: "America has great respect for the Pakistani people, and I have personally been enriched through my travels to Pakistan and my friendships with Pakistani-Americans.

"I have no doubt that if Pakistan harnesses the talent, and ingenuity, and ambition of its own people – then there is no obstacle that can stand between it and a future of greater peace and prosperity."

The Friends of Democratic Pakistan group -- whose members include the United States, Britain, China, France, the UN, the European Union and the World Bank -- aims to assist economic and social development in Pakistan.

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