Mandya first to fix cane prices

Mandya first to fix cane prices

The rate fixed by the factories here is followed by others in state

Mandya first to fix cane prices

The sugarcane growers and factory owners across the state are keenly observing Mandya district, which is the sugar bowl of the state.

 Reason: The sugar factories of the district fix the prices for the sugarcane, which is followed by other factories in the state.

While crushing of sugarcane in North Karnataka begins only in October, it starts in the month of August in Mandya district. So, the prices fixed here is implemented in other districts too.

Crushing has started in Mysugar and Pandavapura Cooperative Sugar factory in the district and other factories will also begin operation soon. But, prices have not been fixed per tonne of sugarcane yet though the elected representatives and farmers associations have been demanding to fix prices since long.

While demands are on seeking Rs 400 more than the previous price per tonne of cane, agitations are being held seeking Rs 3,000 per tonne for the current year.

Officials of Sugar Directorate in Bangalore had held discussions with the farmers related to price fixing, but the talks failed as the officials could not convince the farmer leaders.

 The prices of sugar being Rs 3,000 per quintal in South Karnataka and yield is 9.75 per cent, the factories get Rs 3,228 by crushing one tonne of cane.

The officials say that the factory expenditure comes to Rs 911 to crush every tonne of sugarcane, but the expense to bring one tonne of sugarcane to the factory is Rs 2,085.

Mysugar sugarcane growers association president Krishna said that the officials provide statistics on the expenditure incurred to produce sugar from one tonne of sugarcane but fails to register the expenses of the farmers to grow one tonne of the same.

A meeting will be held with the factory owners in Bangalore on August 17. Discussions will be held with the farmers after getting their opinions.

The delay in monsoon has resulted in loss of crops amounting to Rs 263 crore according to officials of department of agriculture.

Meanwhile, farmers’ leader K S Puttannaiah has warned of intensified protests if the factory fails to fix a minimum of Rs 3,000 per tonne.