Govt okays plea to mention 'Kodavaru' in caste certificate

Govt okays plea to mention 'Kodavaru' in caste certificate

The Codava National Council (CNC) President N U Nachappa said that the government has agreed to mention ‘Kodavaru’ instead of ‘Kodagaru’ in the caste certificate.

Addressing a press meet, he said in the past ‘Kodagaru’ was mentioned in the category 3 (A) caste certificate. This had an impact on the cultural and social values of the Kodavas.

The CNC had appealed to the Karnataka state backward class commission Principal Secretary to bring in changes in the caste certificate issued under category 3 (A).

“Accordingly, we have given complete details on ‘Kodava’ and ‘Kodagaru’ during the hearing. By looking at all the points aired by us, the Commission had directed the State government to use the term ‘Kodava’ and directed to mention Kodavaru in the caste certificate.”

In this background, the CNC has urged the district administration to use the term ‘Kodavaru’ while issuing caste certificate.

He said that ‘Kail pod Namme’ festival will be observed at Government Model Primary School on September 1. Manavateera Jagadeesh, Chambanda Janath and others were present.

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