Photogenic view of life

fine eye

Celebrating World Photography Day, an eclectic exhibition of camera shots, called ‘35mm’ was held by freelance photographer Monica Dawar at the Habitat World.

Covering the cultural circuit for the last four years, Monica has established herself as an ace photographer across the panoramic arena of the arts.  Her coverage extends in an exhaustive manner across a range of culture related photography. From genres of dance, music, theatre to portraits, wildlife, street shots, she has successfully straddled various subjects.

The exhibition brought tog­e­ther a rich tapestry of life and express­i­o­ns.Talking about her photographs, Monica, said, “I started my career by shooting plays.

Then I began taking photographs of dance and ballet shows. The photographs are the way I see objects. They are my view of looking at them.”

Sharing her love for theatre, she added, “My most applauded work was capturing Tom Alter and Seema Biswas. Tom Alter even came to inaugurate my show as he loves my photographs and greatly admires my work.”

Monica perhaps is one of the few women photographers in the country who has also captured wildlife. From shooting landscapes to capturing the unassuming nature of children; impressions of still life to documenting social mores and customs; her coverage of Tracy Stum’s Street painting workshop to Tom Alter’s intense theatrical performances on stage, Monica’s exhibition presented a holistic range of themes.

The talent for capturing instantaneous emotive expressions comes naturally to her, which translates itself onto the lens for the perceptive viewer.

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