Face yoga for losing wrinkles

Face yoga for losing wrinkles

 Ladies, you might want to give those expensive moisturisers and painful botox injections a miss as face yoga might be the simplest and fun way to get rid of wrinkles, experts have claimed.

Like regular yoga, the moves in face yoga are named. The Marilyn, bumblebee or lion are all designed to turn back the ageing clock and reduce wrinkles. Women are increasingly turning to YouTube, books such as The Yoga Face and now an iPhone application for fresher-looking faces, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Josie Goldberg, a health nutritionist from the Gold Coast said that face yoga was a fun activity with great benefits. “I tried it with a group of friends and it was great fun. We sat around in a circle pulling all these funny faces.It was hilarious. I recommend everyone give it a go in a group with friends,” Goldberg said. She said her motto was to avoid chemicals or dangerous injectables, such as Botox or Restylane, for healthier, safer options.

“We are always looking for the quick fix (solutions), which are often detrimental in the long term. Techniques like this and so many others are far more beneficial in the long run,” she was quoted as saying by the paper. Author of ‘The Yoga Face’ Annilese Hagen has designed an app, ifaceyoga,  which is helping people across the globe to turn back the clock.  She said the response to face yoga had been outstanding.

“A lot of people do face yoga. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are advocates and anyone who likes to look good and be healthy and natural,” Hagen said.

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