'Central institutes should have regional flavour'

'Central institutes should have regional flavour'

'Central institutes should have regional flavour'

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in the City has a new library on its premises.

Writer U R Ananthamurthy inaugurated the Centre’s library on Monday and said more focus should be on showcasing the cultural fabric of Tulu, Konkani, Kodava and other communities including tribals.

He praised the initiative of historian Srinivasa Raju in building a strong resource base at the Centre. Institutes such as the arts centre can function effectively when there is a strong communication among institutes, government and people.

Moreover, Central institutes should conduct programmes that have a regional flavour and help to build goodwill. Similarly, institutes at the State level should strengthen bond with the Centre. Also, art centres should use media to promote their importance, he said.

“A majority of people in the City are not even aware that such institutes exist,” the writer said.

A challenging task

In the wake of the younger generation distancing themselves from libraries it is a Herculean task to keep libraries alive, he added.

Members of Bangalore University Kannada Study Centre Basavaraj Kalgundi, Karigowda Beechanahalli, S K Aruni and others were present.