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Different internship

While the titans of the fashion world showcased their creations on the ramp during the ‘Bangalore Fashion Week’ in the City recently, it was also a perfect learning ground for students of fashion who chose to do their internship at the event.

Good times: The girls from T John College and Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology. DH photos by B K Janardhan

The 14-hour daily internship fetched them certificates and exposure to the fashion world, which the kids confess they wouldn’t get otherwise.

The 50-odd kids were given all kinds of tasks like dressing up the models — head to toe, getting the clothes to match the accessories and footwear, running errands and getting the models a quick bite or a coffee. And their services were most valued backstage.

Even when entry through the backstage was blocked and media interaction with designers and models had to go through a long-winded channels, these girls and boys, not older than 18 years, got access to interact with the models and designers.

By the end of four days, these youngsters said that they learnt and saw things that they wouldn’t have got a chance to witness during an ordinary internship.

Metrolife caught up with a few girls and boys who said that they cherished every moment they spent working behind the scenes and said that they developed contacts which are invaluable.

They all said in one voice that patience is the key when working in such stress-ridden environments. “Responsibility comes with some amount of patience.

We had to dress up the models and be responsible for all the accessories each one of them wore and if anything went missing, we are asked first,” explained Shipra, a student of T John College
Jayashree, another student said, “Sometimes, we have no work and have to wait around doing nothing. But we get to interact with the models and speak to the designers as well. That’s the bonus.”

Suman, a student of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, pointed out that the students get a feel of the real thing, “We got to see the stress and strain the models undergo during fashion shows.

And we learn so much just speaking with all the designers and watching them work on the clothes.”

It seemed like the girls had more work at hand compared to that of boys. Nitin from T John College said, “It’s true the girls have more work but we got to speak with the designers and asked them a lot of questions about their work.

It is a learning in itself,” he said. John, another fashion design student said, “You get to see and learn things at such shows that you normally don’t get to learn during an internship in an office.

We put in 14 hours or work but the certificate adds a lot of weightage to our resume.”

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