Getting ready for god of prosperity

With 20 days to go for the Gowri-Ganesha festival, the work on making of clay idols of the elephant god is in full swing.

Families of traditional artisans engaged in making clay idols are now busy making idols of Ganesha and Gowri. During the rest of the year they make other idols such as Maramma, Ishwara, Linga and Parvathi.

Kumabara Pappanna and his family belonging to potter community are now busy with getting the Ganesha idols ready. They make Ganesha idols ranging from ranging from miniatures to imposing 10 ft ones. The busiest time of the year for them — August and September.

Potter’s expertise

Kumbara Pappanna and his family has been making and trading in idols for the last 30 years and have become experts over the years. The skills of making clay idols have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s a traditional occupation for them.Some
of their customers have specific requests as to the style of Ganesha they want.

The materials we use are clay and coconut coir. Nowadays people have become very demanding with respect to design. Plaster of Paris is used for those idols that need to stay undamaged for a long time. The colours we use are all biodegradable vegetable paint. Clay idols are costlier and require more time to make. But, they are the ones best suited for dissolving in water.

Kumbara Pappana uses clay from Amanibyrasagara lake of Gudibande. The manufacturing process involves creating a mould using paper and wood. Then, a mix of natural gum, chalk powder and plaster of Paris is poured into it. The finished idols are dried in the open and then coated with paint to get a glossy finish.

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