Families shocked over allegations

Families shocked over allegations

Families shocked over allegations

Families of the three arrested terror suspects hailing from Hubli — Ijaz Mirza, Shoaib Mirza and Muthi-Ur-Rahman Siddiqui — have claimed that the allegations levelled by the Bangalore police against the trio are unwarranted.

Speaking to the media, the father of brothers Ijaz Mirza and Shoaib Mirza, said his  sons were never involved in any kind of (terror) activities. “They are decent boys and the police arresting them is still a shock to me,” he said.

Ijaz is an electrical engineer and his younger sibling was doing his Master in Computer Application in Bangalore.

“My son was employed with the Defence Research and Development Organisation for the past six months. Working for such a reputed organisation, can you imagine him being an operative of terrorist outfits,” a frail Mirza questioned.

The third suspect Muthi-Ur-Rahman Siddiqui, arrested in Bangalore, was employed with this newspaper for the past three years.

Speaking from Hubli, Siddiqui’s brother Atta-Ur-Rahman said: “I know my brother. Such activities were never part of his life. He is scared of even talking aloud... How will he lift a gun?” he asked.

According to Atta-Ur-Rahman, his brother was always aiming to be a journalist and his only passion was reading.  

Atta-Ur-Rahman claimed that he was certain that the police will not be able to trace any link between his brother and LeT/ HUJI.

The Association for People’s Civil Rights(APCR), a City-based organisation, on Thursday said it was contemplating legal action on what it alleged was illegal detention of the five suspects. “Since Tuesday morning, there was no response from the police on the whereabouts of the five. We knocked on the doors of the local police station, the Commissioner’s office and the CCB.

None of them admitted to have arrested them. But 36 hours later, they convene a press briefing to declare they have taken custody of the accused,” said Irshad Ahmed Desai associated with the APCR.

My son is innocent: Ahmed’s father

Sheik Rafeek Ahmed, father of Dr Zafar Iqbal Sholapur, who was arrested in connection with 2010 Chinnaswamy Stadium blast case, claimed that his son is innocent, pious and religious.

Ahmed, who reported for work in Udupi district Watershed Department just two days ago (on Tuesday) told Deccan Herald that Zafar had no contacts with any organisations or anti-social elements. He was a brilliant student who was a CET rank holder and a studious personality. “He is my son, how can he go wrong?” said Ahmed and added: “I am a forest officer working for the country. I am on the verge of retirement. Ours is a very reputed family and I do have lots of respect from people around. All my four children are CET rank holders. Three of them are doctors and the other one is an engineer. My son has nothing to do with Indian Mujahideen,” he reiterated. Ahmed was earlier working in Belgaum Forest department. He just reported for duty two days ago in Udupi district Watershed Department and has gone on leave for two weeks citing ill health as the reason.

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