Interview for LKG admission? What's that?

 The High Court on Thursday took exception to interviews being conducted to admit children to LKG.

Hearing a petition by Manjappa, father who represented his three-year-old daughter Disha M Sagar, with regard to irregularities in admission to a school in Hebbal, Justice Ram Mohan Reddy asked the management of the school to detail criteria for admission to LKG.

The petitioner in his appeal said that the Air Force School in Hebbal has a few seats reserved for non-Air Force employees, under which his daughter had applied for admission.

"The school management overlooked her eligibility although the application was listed at No 27. Applicants whose names appeared after my daughter's have been admitted," the petitioner alleged.

When the respondent said they conduct interviews before admitting children to school, the judge wondered what kind of interviews could be held for children aged between three and four years.

Moreover, the judge directed both the petitioner and the respondent to not bring such an argument before the Court and adjourned the case.

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