Fresh and hot for evenings

Fresh and hot for evenings

Fresh and hot for evenings

Hot jalebis, straight from the kadai, aloo tikkis with a generous helping of sev, a host of chaats and other delicacies are available at this popular eat-out joint.

Chaat Centre in Koramangala is a hot spot for a filling evening snack. This small shop is always packed with people and caters to the young and old alike.

“We started this place a year ago and serve all kinds of chaats, snacks and parathas as well. We began with chaats and slowly introduced other delicacies like parathas, vada pav, jalebis and kachoris. We saw a great demand for jalebis and since our customers prefer them crisp and fresh, we prepare them after the
order is placed,” said Dinesh, who owns the joint.

Though the shop is pretty small, there is a huge crowd which comes here to have their favourite chaat. Sev puri and samosa chaat is very popular. “We try and keep it as traditional as possible. Most of the cooks are from the eastern and northern part of the country and they try to retain their flavour of the chaats. On an average, we have more young people coming in and most of them live nearby. Many of them visit our shop on a regular basis as well,” added Dinesh.

One can choose from a wide variety of snacks available like paav bhaji, tikki chaat, batata puri, bhel puri and mix chaat. And how can one miss the popular paani puri? All these are priced moderately and are served hot and crisp. The parathas, which are equally popular are soft and layered, with an extra helping of butter and ghee.

“Aloo paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha and plain paratha are served only during the evenings. There are many young professionals who order parathas on a regular basis. We serve it with a common channa masala and some raita,” explained Dinesh.
As it is a haunt for many young professionals, the joint has a special brunch menu, which is a typical Sunday breakfast for many.

 “We serve puri/kachori and sabji and jalebi. It is a very common Indian breakfast in some parts of our country and we started it on popular demand. We start frying the puris from eight in the morning and receive orders till about 12 in the afternoon on Sundays,” he added.

The jalebis are a must-try. The unique selling point of the shop is the way they garnish the chaats, sprinkled with crisp sev, tangy chickpeas, fresh coriander and green chillies, the chutneys adding a finishing touch to the delicacy.
A mood lifter, the dishes here are fresh and mouth watering. Chaat Centre is located in 5th block, Koramangala near the Bata showroom.