Gokak's cascades beckon...

Gokak's cascades beckon...

Gokak's cascades beckon...

The Mahadev temple is an added attraction. Photo by BV PrakashBut the state has many mesmerising falls,  either tucked away in  a deep jungle or the topography of the area is not conducive to build a dam. If we can leave aside the dammed falls and look for the lesser known ones, we are bound to come across at least a dozen pristine waterfalls.

Though the Gokak falls in the far northwest  corner of the state is attractive, the water inflow here is regulated at the Hidkal dam as a result of which the waterfall is brimming and full of life only after the water is released.

In the vicinity of Gokak falls 

But very much in the vicinity is an awesome cascade that is full of life, rain and shine. But this waterfall is accessible after a moderate trek of two kms in a lovely forest beyond the village of Godachinamalki hardly 10 kms from the Gokak falls point. The stream flows in  a slow rhythm until the first drop of about 70 ft. As one treks to the spot, one comes across a long line of tiny falls that add up to make the big jump. The area being a rocky bed facilitates the creation of numerous lovely cascades to give the look of a royal bath in a palace complex.

The main falls dips again a little further by another 50 ft or so before flowing off gracefully to join the Ghataprabha. 

This is a truly rejuvenating falls, unspoilt and devoid of noisy crowds. While at Gokak Falls, you can also visit a few temples built in the Rashtrakuta style and take a walk on the hanging bridge. 

So if your next visit to Gokak is disappointing, you can more than make up for it by visiting Godachinamalki.

Gokak, the nearest town, is well connected by buses and train. Moffusil buses ply between Gokak and Godachinamalki village from where a two-kilometre trek takes one to the spot. There are no hotels or stalls at the falls.