Fruits of work

Fruits of work

Some ‘firsts’ in life are unforgettable. The first day in college, the first crush, the first gift from the loved one, all leave a long-lasting memory. The first salary too evokes the same feeling. Metrolife spoke to some young people on what the first salary meant to them and what they did with it.

Manjunath Bhat, working with a multi-national company: “I was on cloud nine the day I got my salary as it was the end of a month-long anticipation. The first thing I purchased was half-a-dozen ties since there is a dress code in our company and wearing the tie is compulsory. I also purchased gifts for my friends and took them for a trip to Nandi Hills. It is after I stared earning, I learnt the value of money.”

Kavya, a classical dancer and a salsa instructor: “When I had my first salary in my hand, I wanted to  scream proudly to the world. That here I am, standing up for myself. I bought a nice silver lamp for my mom and a deodorant for my dad. And bulk of the salary was spent in treating my friends. The whole world seemed too small for shopping.”

Seema, working with a multi-national company: “I’m yet to receive my first salary. My friends are already asking for a big treat. I’m thinking of buying something special for myself. But I don’t want to spend it on useless things. It’s my firm belief that the way we spend our first salary will reflect how we value the money,” adds Seema.
Sharath, working with a share-trading company: “The first salary was not sufficient to repay the debt  I had taken from my friends. I want to give the money to those who contributed to my success, my parents. Unfortunately, my debt has exceeded my salary, so my plans are postponed till my second salary.”

As told to Sudha Hegde

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