Art Fest brings together art frat

Art Fest brings together art frat

Art Mart

The Gurgaon Art Festival is back. Over 50 painters and sculptors from across the country are displaying more than 200 landscape, figurative, abstract, semi abstract, realistic and spiritual works of art. These include renowned names like Prithvi Soni, JMS Mani, Tejinder Kanda, Prabir Bagchi, Prabal Roy, Suhas Roy, Dhiraj Choudhury, besides many budding artists.

Visitors also interact with professional artists and learn through a host of activities like art workshops, portrait making and clay modeling. Art buyers, art collectors, architects, interior designers as well as several Indian and multinational corporate houses are gracing the festival. It is on for five days - from September 12 to 16 at the Epicenter, Gurgaon.

This festival is a brainchild of art curator and owner of art gallery C’est La Vie! Maandavi S. Sharma. Maandvi informs us, “This fest provides a platform for young artists to showcase their works beside eminent, renowned ones - a rarity in the art world. For this purpose, we have handpicked paintings and sculptures by 51 eminent and upcoming artists from across India. A variety of styles and forms in art, covering traditional and modern trends, have been exhibited.”

“Over the years, we have received a phenomenal response and see more and more genuine buyers with the right taste and love for art. This year for the first time we are exhibiting paper sculptors that is a unique concept. The finished sculptors almost look like leather and not paper. I am sure these will be very well received by the visitors.”

The artworks here are happy and soulful, paintings one would want to wake up to. They celebrate the love for art which is much more than their ornamental value. The fest is also very vibrant and buzzing with activity in every corner. Sculptors are also helping enthusiastic guests give shape to their dreams.

Besides, in an endeavour to spread joy everywhere, the festival is hosting workshops for socially and economically challenged kids. Workshops too are being held for children from a Gurgaon based NGO Saksham Bal Vikas Sansthan to help them realize the beauty of art and motivate their artistic instincts. This festival is truly a celebration of art.