IOC-IOA on collision course

IOC-IOA on collision course

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) appeared to be heading on a collision course with the former objecting to the “dictate” from the latter that it should hold its election due next month under the supervision of the world body.

The IOC had written two letters — on August 16 and September 11 —  stating that the election process of the IOA would have to be held in strict compliance with the Olympic Charter and under the supervision of the IOC and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

Miffed at the IOC’s “dictate”, IOA Acting President Vijay Kumar Malhotra shot off a letter to the IOC chief Jacques Rogge, stating that the international body’s decision to supervise its election was not acceptable. Malhotra asked whether elections of other NOCs were also monitored or was it in case of India only.

“I was surprised to receive yet another letter dated Sept 11, 2012, (after the one on August 31) from your office which reads like a dictate. It virtually orders the IOA to do things as specified in it,” Malhotra wrote in the letter dated Sept 13.

“I am also amazed to read that the IOC and the OCA will like to jointly nominate the observers for the elections of the IOA. I will like to know whether the IOC is sending observers to monitor the elections of all the NOCs or only the IOA is being singled out. In any case, the idea of IOC-OCA observers may not be acceptable to the IOA,”
“In its 76-year history, the IOA has been holding elections regularly and these were never monitored by the IOC. IOA represents the world’s largest democracy and second most populous nation in the world. We understand our responsibilities,” he said.

"There is no constitutional crisis in the IOA. It is functioning smoothly. The elections will be held as per its constitution which fully adheres to the IOC Charter," Malhotra said.

He said in the letter that the Executive Board of the IOA would meet in New Delhi on Sept 24 to decide on all the issues raised by the IOC. The first letter,  jointly signed by Pere Miro, NOC Relations Director of IOC, and Husain Al-Musallam, Director General and Technical Director of OCA, asked the IOA to furnish the detailed information about the date of election and all relevant documents.

"We request that you inform us, without delay, of each and every step of the election process which will be conducted and, in particular, that you communicate to us the exact date on which the Elective General Assembly will take place in October as well as all relevant information and documents in relation to these elections," the letter said.

The second letter reminded the IOA that a 30 days' notice is required to call for an elective general assembly and that time has elapsed since the term of the office-bearers of the IOA expires on October 10. "Therefore the IOA elections should be held before that date. Therefore as of today the time limit has already elapsed or if you have already sent out the notifications then please provide us with a copy of this notification, along with the dates of the elective general assembly, so that the IOC and OCA can jointly nominate the Observers for the election," the second letter said.

The second letter even asks the IOA to make it clear to the parent body matters relating