Ex-Team Anna member cry foul over disappearance of Facebook page

Ex-Team Anna member cry foul over disappearance of Facebook page

Disappearance of a 'Facebook' page maintained by erstwhile Team Anna supporters opposed to the movement taking political plunge have prompted them to cry hoarse and demand restoration of the page.

The India Against Corruption page maintained by Shivendra Singh Chouhan, who came out of Team Anna accusing Arvind Kejriwal of trying to project himself as the face of the movement, could not be accessed from morning.

The number of followers of the IAC's official page 'Final War against Corruption', meanwhile, registered a tremendous increase.

This prompted Chouhan and others, who have urged Anna Hazare to delink himself from Kejriwal and the formation of a party, to allege "sabotage".

A spokesperson of IAC led by Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the page was not owned by Chouhan but that of the movement and he did not heed to allow more administrators to maintain the page.

The spokesperson said they had written to Facebook explaining the issue and "Facebook might have taken action".

Interestingly, the IAC's official page had around 70,000 'likes' while dramatically increased to 4.60 lakh this evening -- indicating that someone has merged the two pages. The page ran by Chouhan had around five lakh 'followers'.

Chouhan had been in the forefront of a rebel group which is fighting for the movement remaining apolitical.