'Acting is not only about applying make-up'

'Acting is not only about applying make-up'

For an actress, going de-glam isn’t as easy as it sounds. But for Sindhu Loknath, it has more or less become the mantra of the day. Be it in ‘Drama’, Yaare Koogadali or even in ‘Case 18/9’, the actress has portrayed several de-glamourous roles.

Sindhu Loknath

But it’s not that she is complaining about it. In fact, she is thrilled. “Acting is not only about applying make up and dancing in front of the screen. It’s about trying out different things. I am so glad that I have gone the de-glam way in the last three films that I have shot. There was so much scope to perform,” she adds.

In the film ‘Case 18/9’, the actress plays the role of a house maid, who has been brought up by a single mother. “The character is that of a very reserved girl, who is overly protected by her mother. But she works as a house maid in an apartment and runs the house,” explains Sindhu.

It wasn’t easy for Sindhu to take up this role. She did have her inhibitions. The movie being a remake of a Tamil film, the actress first watched the original to get a better understanding of her character.

“Since the character is a very silent girl, there are not many dialogues. She just comes and goes till the interval. But towards the end, you realise what a hard-hitting character this is. After I watched the original, I immediately called the director and told him that I want to be part of the movie,” says Sindhu, who will start shooting for the movie next week.

Having watched the original, Sindhu says that she will still bring her own touch to the character, rather than get influenced by the original one. “The director has asked me to observe the body language of the maids here and understand how they behave and how carefree they are about things. I have been doing that and will be bringing many of their mannerisms to the movie,” she sums up.