Darul Uloom slams Katiyar's 'terrorist training' remark

Darul Uloom slams Katiyar's 'terrorist training' remark

Reacting strongly to BJP leader Vijay Katiyar’s remarks that Darul Uloom should stop training terrorists, Abul Qasim Nomani, Vice Chancellor of the Muslim institution said such statements are part of a conspiracy to defame the 146-year-old renowned seminary.

“This statement is part of a conspiracy to defame Darul Uloom. Katiyar is one of those leaders who want to spread communalism and divide society,” Nomani told Deccan Herald.
Stressing that “till date, no Darul Uloom student has been found indulging in any terror activity” Nomani said: “Before giving such statements, one should come and stay in the campus and observe everything here.”

Nomani, head of the most respected Muslim seminary in the world after Al-Azhar University of Cairo, further said: “In the past, senior officers from different departments, including those from intelligence agencies, have visited Darul Ullom but nothing of such sort was ever noticed”.

Echoing the same, Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi, another senior cleric of the seminary situated in Deoband town of Uttar Pradesh, said Katiyar is not a leader of the stature that Darul Uloom should respond to his allegations.  “But let me clarify these are baseless allegation to tarnish image of this institution,” he said.

Madrasi said that the contribution and sacrifice the seminary has made for India’s fight for independence and social cohesion is well known.