Woman minister sees conspriracy in rapes

Woman minister sees conspriracy in rapes

Says cases do not happen only in Haryana

A woman minister in the Hooda government on Friday made a controversial claim that the rising number of rapes in the state were a “conspiracy” against Haryana.

Haryana’s social welfare, education, and women and child welfare minister Geeta Bhukkal said, “I believe that the way in which the statistics on rapes are being projected for Haryana, it is a conspiracy against the state. Such incidents are taking place not only in Haryana but also in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other states.”

“It is a matter of concern for all. We don’t want such incidents to happen. It is not a political issue or the responsibility of the government alone. Everyone should be concerned about it,” Bhukkal said.

Before Bhukkal, Haryana Congress president Phool Chand Mullana  earlier this week had said rapes could be a ‘conspiracy’ against the Hooda government.

Bhukkal’s remarks came even as the state Congress issued a show cause notice to the party’s leader in Hisar, Dharambir Goyat for his comment on Thursday in Hisar that “in 90 per cent of the rape cases, the victims go with consent”.

He came under fire from his own party leaders who were quick to dismiss his statement as his “individual opinion”.

On Friday, the leader said, “I have not given any such comment during the press conference. After the press conference, someone asked me if it was true that some girls go with consent (for sex). I told them that I have also heard that many girls do so.”

“ The Congress and Haryana government have nothing to do with this. These were my comments. I have highest regard for women,” Goyat said.
Khap meet today
One of the bizarre suggestions that the all-powerful khap panchayats in Haryana came out with to prevent rape and crime against women was to lower the marriageable age of girls to 16 years.
Even amid criticism from various quarters , the Khaps will sit on Saturday in Sonipat and discuss the proposal of early marriage for girls. Khaps have no legal sanctity and often function as kangaroo courts, issuing social diktats on villagers. Representatives of around 100 khaps across the state will attend the meeting.
Cops in firing mode
The Haryana Police have drawn a plan in the wake of the rising incidents of crime against women. It include enhanced patrols in all areas, particularly rural areas, a state-wide single helpline for women and effective monitoring of such cases by an officer no less than the rank of additional director general of police.
The government has written to the Punjab and Haryana HC, asking it to ensure speedy trial of cases of crime against women, especially rape cases.
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