Logging in to get rid of clutter

Logging in to get rid of clutter

Ahead of the festive season, people look forward to clearing old clutter and unused items from homes. However, finding the right price and right buyer is no less than a headache. But now they have found a new way of getting rid of their old purchases which are in good condition but lie unused.

They are taking help of the classified web portals that allows them to sell off their old products; from electronics to antiques, furniture to mobile phones. The process is simple – post information about the products you want to sell on these websites and the prospective buyers will get in touch with you. Though new in India, the concept is gaining popularity in big cities.

There are a number of products that are bought with tall claims that they would be used regularly. But sooner or later they serve no purpose. This is the prime motive which leads individuals to use these web portals. About 20 to 25 per cent of people who post on these websites comprise women.

Amarjit Batra, Country manager, olx.in, one such web portal, says typically 20 per cent of postings are made by women, who are mainly interested in selling jewellery, watches, books, artworks, clothes, electronics, antiques, furniture etc.

“People are usually selling products such as cars, bikes, cameras, cell phones, computers, watches, jewellery, sporting goods, furniture, bicycles, toys, video games, musical instruments, household items and so much more.

Women are basically interested in selling books, artwork, clothes, electronics etc.,” says Amarjit.

According to a website click.in, though people are mostly selling their properties, cars, bikes, mobiles, laptops and other electronic goods, there has been an improvement in used furniture category over the years.

B G Mahesh, Founder and MD of Greynium Information Technologies which owns click.in, says, “Women are mostly selling baby products, jewellery, books, old furniture and even pets. Men are more active when it comes to selling cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops and properties. About 20-25 per cent rise in sale is expected around the festive season.”

People prefer these mediums as it prevent them from negotiating for different vendors for different kinds of products. Jayati Agarwal, a resident of Delhi, says, “I first used it for my iPod when I got a new one. Then I used it to sell off my furniture when I shifted from Mumbai to Delhi. It is good because we can sell different type of purchases under one platform. The price I got was very reasonable as there were no intermediaries.”

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