No mala fide in transfer, says Khemka

No mala fide in transfer, says Khemka

Ashok Khemka, the 1991 batch IAS officer who shot to fame recently by crying foul over his transfer, appears to have mended fences with the Haryana government.

Following his meeting with Haryana Chief Secretary P K Chaudhary on Thursday, Khemka ruled out any mala fide in his transfer. He had earlier claimed that the transfer was a consequence of him investigating land deals between Robert Vadra and DLF.

“I suspected that my transfer was due to certain decisions by me. But I am clear about it now,” he said, adding that the government has cleared his apprehensions.

The bureaucrat, however, expressed concern over the safety of his family since he had claimed to receive threat calls. “The chief secretary convinced me that the transfer was for administrative purpose,” Khemka said, adding that his order cancelling the land deal can be challenged in court if found inappropriate or against norms.

Meanwhile, T C Gupta, Director of  the Haryana Town and Country Planning department, said cancellation of the land deal between Vadra and DLF had serious factual inaccuracies.

Gupta lambasted Khemka for “totally disregarding administrative propriety.” In a letter to the chief secretary, Gupta said: “Khemka’s observations are not only uncalled for but either a product of a biased mind or an ignorant officer who does not know law or does not want to know the applicable laws for reasons best known to him.”

 Khemka refused to comment on Gupta’s letter.