Education system is affecting creativity in children: Expert

Documentaries directed by children of Deenabandhu screened

The popular notion that private institutions provide quality education to students compared to the government schools, is an illusion, said retired professor and Bangalore- based organisation ‘Deenabandhu’ trustee G S Jayadeva.

Delivering a talk on the quality of education at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, he said the current education system is excessively stressing on skill development of children which in turn is affecting the creativity of  children. It is the time to ask questions on whether the current education system is making children ready to live in the real world or to live in a dream world, he said. “We are conditioned in such a way that we believe in what is unreal and pass it on the same to children. The true education is the one which removes blind believes from the mindset of children and enhances their creative power by giving them the freedom of selection and expression.”

A teacher becomes successful in the profession, when she/he overcomes ego and builds a contact with the children. The teaching will be effective only when  children accept the teacher, Jayadeva emphasised. He also insisted that the teachers should have a dream for every child, which is the only way to mould the children.

 Speaking in support of 60 per cent of children who quit the school before entering SSLC in the State, he said unfortunately the government and the society have been concentrating on the those   children who opt for engineering or other professional courses, neglecting the rest.

“The rules and policies are amended to favour those minority children from financially well-to-do families who opt for professional courses, while nothing much has been really done to design the future of the 60 per cent of children who opt out of schools,” he said.
Five documentaries directed by children of Deenabandhu were screened on the occasion.

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