A glimpse of celebration

A glimpse of celebration

Grand Affair

Several devotees gathered to pay their respects to the idol of Goddess Durga, on the mahaashtami Pushpanjali at the ‘Bengalee Association Durga Puja’.

This is being held at the RBANM’s Grounds, near Commercial Street, opposite the Ajanta Theatre.

On mahaashtami, the puja place was buzzing with people cutting across all age groups and from different parts of the City.

The theme this year is utsav and the traditional ek chala idol added to the beautiful decorations.

“Durga Puja is a celebration across all cultures in the country and our interiors portray that. The traditional patchitra paintings show the preparations made by a Bengali zamindar family for the festival. These are 3D cutouts and we have lights fixed behind them, so as to give them that effect,” says Robin Majumdar, the general secretary of the club.

The celebrations began with the Pushpanjali. There was also a bhog; cultural events like Rabindra Nrityanushthan, boithoki gaan and dhunuchi naach, which were held in the evening; and a sandhi puja, which commenced at 12.30 pm.

“We have more than 20,000 people coming here in the evening. We serve bhog to all of them — dishes like khichudi, bhaja and chutney are served. We have been organising Durga Puja for many years now and every year, we try to keep it as traditional as possible,” says another association member.

The art and culture of Bengal was presented on a platter to Bangaloreans in the form of a Baul artiste from Hughli, who strummed the ektara and sang popular baul songs. “This is our third year in Bangalore and we really enjoy being here. It is a different experience. The people here ask us to sing popular folk songs and the response has been very good. This year, we will present many baul songs as well as lok giti,” informs Khokon Das Baul.

There are also more than 40 food stalls, which have something for everyone. From signature Bengali cuisine to chaats and snacks like chops, cutlets and rolls, everything is up for grabs.

The navami celebrations will see a popular band from Kolkata performing in the City.

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